How Fast Do A Painted Turtle Grow?

How Fast Do A Painted Turtle Grow
As a beginner turtle owner, it’s pretty normal for you to be concerned about the growth of your new reptile ...
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Can You Keep African Sideneck Turtle In Outdoor Pond?

Can You Keep African Sideneck Turtle In Outdoor Pond
My friend has bought an African sideneck turtle recently. He had plans of putting the pet in his enormous indoor ...
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Is Your Turtle Getting Too Fat?[ Do These]

Is Your Turtle Getting Too Fat
Do you weigh your turtle every week? Have you noticed any abnormality in its weight and size ratio? If yes, ...
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When Do Map Turtles Lay Eggs?

When Do Map Turtles Lay Eggs
Breeding or mating process of turtles is a natural phenomenon. In the wild, the turtles can take care of themselves ...
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Outdoor Tortoise Enclosure Setup Guide: A To Z [Beginners Guide]

Outdoor Tortoise Enclosure Setup
Building an outdoor tortoise enclosure requires proper planning and resources. You also have to consider the safety of your tortoises ...
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What Are Sea Turtle Shells Used For?

Likely humans have been fascinated by Sea Turtle Shells since ancient times. The beautiful shells of sea turtles, especially the ...
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Where To Buy Sulcata Tortoise?

Are you planning to buy a Sulcata tortoise to your home? I know this moment is precious and overwhelming for ...
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Do Seagulls Eat Baby Turtles?

In my observation of the coastal scene, I am thinking about a question: do seagulls Eat prey on baby turtles? ...
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Is A Turtle Shell Bulletproof?

You know it is my fault. I always say turtle shells are the hardest, and now my readers think these ...
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How Much Is A Turtle Shell Worth?

Do you know, Turtle shells are selling like hotcake nowadays! Everyone use them as home decor, jewelry and many more ...
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