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Sourcing Our Content

All content on is copyrighted under the copyright laws of the United States. Re-distribution of our content in any form is strictly forbidden without prior written consent.

US copyright law permits short quotations under certain circumstances. This article explains how you can use portions of our content in your projects, and how the content should be cited/referenced correctly.

Quoting Our Content

Feel free to incorporate brief excerpts from our content into your website, college papers, and other projects, provided that you appropriately cite the quote as outlined in the “Citing Our Content” section below.

You are allowed a maximum of 500 characters of text per article in quotes, which is approximately the size of a standard paragraph or half of a large paragraph. The term “per article” pertains to articles on our website. Therefore, when referencing content from the White Tiger article, you may quote up to 500 characters from this specific page, encompassing all elements such as the article content, facts, and translations.

If you are pulling content from multiple articles on our website, the 500-character limit will be reduced to 250 characters, enabling you to include concise quotes from each article.

Enforcement of these limits is at the discretion of If there is a perceived abuse of these conditions, we reserve the right to take appropriate legal action.

Sourcing Images

The images displayed on are subject to varying copyright/licenses determined by the respective image owner. Numerous images on fall under public domain or licenses that allow redistribution or third-party usage. However, it’s important to note that several images are subject to strict copyright and are not permitted for reproduction or redistribution.

While browsing an article, click on the relevant image to access a larger version. Beneath this image, you will find the pertinent copyright information or a link to the image license details. Images displaying copyright information should not be redistributed in any form without prior written consent. For images linking to license information, carefully review the respective license details in full to ascertain whether usage of the image is permissible.

  • Copyrighted Image
    You may not use this image without written consent.
  • Licensed Image
    You may be able to use this image if the license allows.
  • Public Domain Image
    You are free to use this image as you wish.

Citing Our Content

Reference List or Bibliography

If you have a reference list or bibliography section, please list a full citation as below, or in a similar format as your project requires.

Reference List or Bibliography Text Example

Spreadhapiness: How Long Do Turtles Sleep? Available at: [Accessed 27 December 2023]

If referencing our content on the web please include proper attribution and a link to the referenced content.

Reference List or Bibliography HTML Example

Spreadhapiness: <a href="">How Long Do Turtles Sleep? (27 December 2023)</a> [27 December 2023]

In-Text Citation

If you are including a short quotation and would like to include an in-text citation, please use the short citation format as below.

In-Text Citation Example

(Spreadhapiness: How Long Do Turtles Sleep?  [27 December 2023]

If referencing our content on the web please include proper attribution and a link to the referenced content.

In-Text Citation HTML Example

The date shown in (round brackets) is the date the article was first published, the date shown in [square brackets] is the date you accessed the article to source the content. The date the article was published can be found at the bottom of the relevant article.

Linking to Spreadhapiness

If your project is online we would greatly appreciate it if you include an HTML link in your citation as shown in the ‘HTML Code’ examples above. Please link to the relevant article when possible, or the homepage. You are welcome to include a ‘nofollow’ tag as you require.

Example Quotation

The following is an example of a short quotation with in-text citation:

“Over the past couple of centuries the White Tiger has become even rarer in the wild due to trophy hunting or capture for the exotic pet trade, with there having been no recorded sightings of these elusive predators for the past 50 years.

Commercial Use, Personal Use & Limitations

Newspapers, magazines, and reputable publications are authorized to utilize our content in a professional manner, adhering to the aforementioned restrictions and in compliance with US copyright law.

We expressly prohibit websites that provide animal information and are in direct competition with from sourcing our content to construct complete articles. While the use of quotations as a component of a unique article is permissible under copyright law, the creation of articles solely based on quotations from is strictly forbidden and constitutes a serious infringement of our copyright.

The incorporation of our content into commercial products, such as apps, games, and books, is strictly prohibited without obtaining prior written consent.

Although copyright law allows for personal use, it is important to note that content intended for personal use should not be accessible to third parties. Therefore, a personal website that is online and web-accessible is not permitted to employ copyrighted content for personal use, given its accessibility to others.

Spreadhapiness employs anti-plagiarism software and methodologies to detect misuse of our content. In instances where our copyright is violated, we will take appropriate legal action to safeguard our intellectual property.

The above information is provided as guidance and does not supersede our legal policies which can be viewed at:

If you have any questions, please contact us.