How Much Is A Turtle Shell Worth?

Do you know, Turtle shells are selling like hotcake nowadays! Everyone use them as home decor, jewelry and many more causes. Believe me, they are ready to spend thousands for those pieces. But are turtle shells really that much costly?

The price of turtle shells can start from $5 and can go upto $12000 for a single piece. The rate can go higher. Besically, the cost of the shell depends on their species it belong to and their antique value. The vintage see turtle shell are the costliest. Though, trading turtle shell is illigal in many regions, and it is ethically incorrect.

Why turtle shells are in demand? Can you sell a turtle shell? Let’s know the details:

Key Insights

  • Turtle shell price can cross $12000.
  • Hawksbill sea turtle shells are the most popular because of their texture and color.
  • CITES has banned the international trade of any turtle shell and goods.

Turtle Shell Price Is Not Constant

You can buy a turtle shell for just $5. The rate can go all the way up to $12000, and sometimes it might cost you even how much is a turtle shell worth higher.

How does the seller decide the price of a turtle shell? Well, they consider several questions before stamping the rate. Such as,

  • How big is the shell?
  • Which species does the shell belong to?
  • How old is the shell?
  • What condition is the shell in?
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Now you can understand that the bigger the shells, the more it will cost (Not always). Likewise, the older shells have an ancient value. Thus, they are more expensive.

Moreover, red eared sliders, map turtles, mud turtles, etc., are quite common in the market. Their shells are available at a lower price. But shells of snapping turtles and species that are hard to raise sell at a how much is a turtle shell worth high rate.

Lastly, the condition of the shell also matters.

If you are selling a raw shell, buyers will not be interested. Polishing the surfaces and coating them with shiny resins often attracts eyes. That way, sellers charge more for the shells.

approximate rates of an average quality turtle shell are,

Turtle SpeciesEstimated Price
Pond Sliders (Red Eared Sliders/ Yellow Bellied Sliders)$5 – $50++
Snapping Turtle$19 – $120++
Map Turtle$7 – $120++
Mud Turtle$20 – $50++
Musk Turtle$10 – $40++
Painted TurtleMore than $100
Small Hawksbill Sea Turtle$200 – $700++
Antique Hawksbill Sea TurtleAround $12000

Wait! There are more than just the shells on sale.

People have made a business out of turtle heads, tails, and feet, too. Turtle bones are also in demand.

I was shocked to see a real turtle skeleton on the showcase. The shops often flex on these pieces.

The most expensive turtle items will be the Taxidermies. Most of the antique stores sell life-size turtles. Once, I encountered a loggerhead sea turtle taxidermy. Its cost was over $35000.

What’s The Deal With The Turtle Shell?

I know what you are thinking. Why in the hell are people buying turtle shells? Well, mostly for aesthetic reasons.

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You can hang turtle shell on the wall or stick it. You can also keep them in a glass case and how much is a sea turtle shell worth. the decor will give a sophisticated vibe to your collection anyway. Lamps and mirrors using turtle shell have gained quite a lot of popularity. I believe collectors treat the shells as a remembrance, if nothing else.

Turtle shell become malleable when heated, allowing you to mold them in any shape. No wonder jewelry industry has its eyes on the shells. Recently, rings, combs, bracelets, bangles, hair bands, mirrors etc… made of turtle shells are available.

Are Not Turtle Shell Illigal To Sell?

That’s right. In 1977, the CITES convention bannned any International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Animals. This law strictly discourages anyone from trading any endangered species, including their shells, horns, bones, etc…

Sadly people have respect for this law, and they use a loophole to get away. One section declears that turtle shells and goods are tradeable if the manufacturing dates back before 1947. So whenever law enforcement officers bust any seller for how much is a sea turtle shell worth, how much is a hawksbill turtle shell worth he just tags his product as antique.

Can I Sell My Turtle Shell?

As per the laws I can never sell my sell my turtle shells. So, I recommend every not to sell turtle shell.

Trading turtle shell is illigal. If you are caught doing the business, you will be punished.


The extinction of an entire species is not good for mankind. The event will throw the ecosystem off the balance, which will directly or indirectly affect our lives.

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