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Zoo Med Turtle Tub Kit Review: Should You Invest On It?

In this review, I’ll provide an in-depth details of Zoo Med’s turtle tub kit. I’ll delve into its features, dimensions, advantages, drawbacks, and ultimately offer my perspective on whether it’s worth purchasing. If you’re keen to learn more about it, make sure to stick around and read through the entire article. Why Should You Get […]

Zoo Med Turtle Tub Kit Review: Should You Invest On It?

In this review, I’ll provide an in-depth details of Zoo Med’s turtle tub kit. I’ll delve into its features, dimensions, advantages, drawbacks, and ultimately offer my perspective on whether it’s worth purchasing. If you’re keen to learn more about it, make sure to stick around and read through the entire article.

Why Should You Get A Turtle Tub?

It’s a common query among many: why opt for a turtle tub when glass aquariums are readily available? It’s a valid question, and I’ll delve into the details to provide a comprehensive explanation right here.

While glass aquariums offer an excellent way to house and observe turtles, it’s crucial to consider their space requirements. As a general guideline, turtles need ample room to thrive, typically around 10 gallons of space per inch of shell length.

Initially, a 20-gallon tank may suffice for a baby or hatchling turtle. However, as most aquatic turtles grow rapidly, reaching lengths of 6-7 inches within a year or two, you’ll soon find yourself needing to upgrade to a larger tank, potentially 70 or 80 gallons. Further, if you plan to house multiple turtles, you’ll need to allocate even more space, typically an extra 10-20 gallons per turtle.

As you can imagine, the cost of acquiring and maintaining a glass aquarium escalates with its size. While a glass aquarium is a viable option for those with the budget, it may not be feasible for everyone. In such cases, a turtle tub presents a more practical and cost-friendly alternative.

Unlike glass aquariums, turtle tubs are crafted from heavy-duty plastic, rendering them not only more affordable but also significantly more durable than their glass counterparts. In fact, a glass tank can cost nearly double the price of a turtle tub of equivalent size. If budget constraints are a primary concern for you, opting for a turtle tub is undoubtedly a sensible choice.

Turtle Tub Vs Turtle Tank:

  1. Cost: Turtle tubs are notably cheaper than glass tanks, making them a more budget-friendly option.
  2. Durability: Turtle tubs boast a sturdier construction compared to glass tanks, offering enhanced durability.
  3. Viewing Experience: Unlike glass aquariums, turtle tubs do not provide a front view of your turtles, which may be a consideration for some enthusiasts.
  4. Material: Turtle tubs are typically crafted from heavy-duty plastic, while aquariums are predominantly made of glass.
  5. Longevity: A well-made turtle tub is likely to have a longer lifespan than a glass aquarium, further contributing to its value proposition.
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Zoo Med Turtle Tub Kit:

Zoo Med’s Turtle Tub is carefully crafted to mimic the natural pond habitats where aquatic turtles thrive and reproduce. This environment plays a crucial role in promoting the well-being and tranquility of turtles. The turtle tub kit features a convenient built-in land area complete with a ramp, allowing your turtle easy access for basking. Furthermore, the expansive land area serves as an inviting spot for turtles to lay their eggs, fostering a natural and comfortable breeding environment.

The turtle tub is lightweight and effortlessly portable, allowing for easy relocation as needed. Additionally, it boasts hassle-free maintenance and cleaning procedures, simplifying upkeep for turtle owners. Moreover, the tub is proudly manufactured in the USA, utilizing 100% recycled materials, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability.

You have the option to purchase either the standalone turtle tub or the comprehensive turtle tub kit. However, I highly recommend opting for the complete kit, as it includes a variety of additional items that provide added benefits and convenience for your turtles.

Here are the notable features of the turtle tub:

  1. Environmentally Friendly: Crafted from 100% recycled materials, ensuring sustainability and environmental safety.
  2. Durable Construction: Constructed from heavy-duty plastic, combining durability with lightweight portability.
  3. USA Manufacture: Proudly made in the USA, adhering to high-quality manufacturing standards.
  4. Cost-Effective: Offers a more budget-friendly option compared to similar-sized glass aquariums.
  5. Easy Setup and Maintenance: Simple to assemble and maintain, allowing for quick and effortless cleaning.
  6. Ample Water Capacity: With a 13-gallon water capacity, suitable for accommodating small to medium-sized turtles.
  7. Spacious Land Area: Features a generous land area ideal for basking and egg-laying activities.
  8. Convenient Drain Installation: Easily install a bulkhead drain in any preferred position for added convenience.
  9. Flexible Purchase Options: Available for separate purchase or as part of a comprehensive kit, offering a range of additional accessories for turtle care.

What Zoo Med Turtle Tub Kit Includes?

  1. One heat bulb and Power Sun UV lamp
  2. Zoo Med’s renowned Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture
  3. Canister filter to maintain water cleanliness
  4. Reptisafe for purifying the tub water
  5. Eco Earth substrate for setting up the land area
  6. Forest Floor Substrate
  7. Bush plants to enhance the natural environment inside the tub
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  • Dimensions: 40 x 22 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 55 pounds
  • Water capacity: About 13 gallons

Zoo Med Turtle Tub Setup:

To begin, select an appropriate location inside your home for the tub placement. Opt for an area where your turtles will experience minimal disturbance from foot traffic. While placing the tub outdoors is an option, it’s advisable to refrain from doing so if you reside in a region with significant winter temperature fluctuations.

Next, prepare the land area for your turtles. Utilize eco earth and forest floor substrate, moistening them with water. Mixing both substrates and placing them in the designated land area will create a cozy, natural basking spot for your turtles. This setup also enables your turtles to burrow into the substrate comfortably, facilitating egg-laying if desired.

Now that you’ve prepared the land area, it’s time to address the lighting setup. The comprehensive Zoo Med Turtle Tub Kit includes a heat lamp, Power Sun UV lamp, and mini deep dome lamp fixture. Install both bulbs into the lamp fixture and attach it securely to the lampstand. Position the stand to ensure the bulbs directly illuminate the basking area for optimal warmth.

Moving on to the water area, capable of holding 13 gallons, begin by filling it with the appropriate amount of water. Before introducing your turtles, it’s crucial to ensure the water is safe for them. Utilize Reptisafe to treat the water according to the instructions provided on the label, ensuring a secure aquatic environment for your turtles.

Finally, it’s time to set up the canister filter. Included as part of the complete Zoo Med Turtle Tub Kit, the canister filter is straightforward to install, requiring just 5-10 minutes of your time. Simply follow the provided instructions, and your filter will be up and running in no time, ensuring clean and healthy water conditions for your turtles.

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Turtles thrive with hiding places in their habitat, and the bush plants included in the kit are perfect for this purpose. Arrange the bush plants inside the turtle tub wherever you see fit. Not only do they provide hiding spots, but they also contribute to enhancing the natural ambiance within the tub.

With everything set up, it’s time to introduce your turtle to her new home! Simply place her in the tub and watch her enjoy her new environment.

What I Love About Zoo Med Turtle Tub:

I really appreciate how the Zoo Med turtle tub allows you to create a top-notch turtle habitat without breaking the bank. Additionally, the complete turtle tub kit provides nearly 90% of the essential items needed to set up the turtle habitat, making the whole process much more convenient and hassle-free. It’s truly a game-changer.

What I Don’t Like:

  1. The tubes seem too thin for the tub, which could potentially be improved upon by Zoo Med.
  2. There have been some customer complaints regarding the quality of the pump.

Should You Invest In It?

I believe the Zoo Med Turtle Tub Kit serves as an ideal solution for individuals on a tight budget. Caring for turtles can be financially demanding, and not everyone can afford extensive expenses for their pets. The Zoo Med turtle tub kit provides an affordable way to keep your turtles content without breaking the bank.

While acknowledging that the tub isn’t flawless and has areas for potential improvement, the overall benefits offered by the Zoo Med Turtle Tub Kit outweigh these limitations. I consider it a worthwhile investment for those who are budget-conscious, offering a cost-effective and practical solution for turtle lovers.


While the Zoo Med Turtle Tub Kit may not be flawless, it remains an excellent choice for owners facing financial constraints. Despite its limitations, I eagerly recommend giving it a try. I’m confident that this tub will bring happiness to your turtle and provide a satisfactory solution for your needs.

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